Dried flower compositions

Dried flower compositions

Having dried flowers available, you can create beautiful and very decorative floral compositions that we can then keep for ourselves or give to relatives and friends. If we wanted to divide the latter according to their development, we could speak of active, passive and horizontal. Let's see a little better what these three terms mean. Active compositions are called those whose floral elements that compose them develop from the base upwards; on the other hand, those whose floral elements develop downwards are passive. Passive compositions are particularly suited to being placed in high places such as shelves, shelves, etc.

The horizontal compositions, as can be deduced from the name itself, develop in a horizontal position, so they are neither active nor passive.

It is good to remember that one technique does not exclude the other, so all three can also be used to create a beautiful composition.

Composition techniques

As we all know, the stems of dried flowers, in order to create a floral composition, must be inserted into “florist's” sponges. There are two techniques used for this operation: one using the vegetative point and one using the vegetation points. We will now try to explain them briefly. In the first technique, the stems of the various elements that make up the composition must be inserted so that they all converge in the center of the same; in carrying out this operation, you must be very careful especially if you want to obtain precise shapes such as spheres, cones etc.

Unlike the previous one, in the technique with the use of vegetation points, each floral element has its own vegetation point.

Maintenance and care

A very useful thing to remember is that even if the flowers are dry, they still need care and attention; in any case there will always be a flower that will last longer and another less and there will be the one that will keep bright colors for longer and the one that will fade in a short time. However, there are rules that can apply to any type of dry flower: for example, they should never be placed in places rich in humidity, near heaters or exposed to direct sunlight.

What is very difficult but essential is to eliminate the dust that inevitably settles on the floral compositions, to overcome this problem you can use a hairdryer keeping it at the right distance.

Compositions of dried flowers

Many people want to know how they can make unique gifts and ornaments of dried flower patterns. Understanding the problem of approach and dried flowers can easily create a professional touch. For example, this system of weddings are more normal center design instead of the crown model. The same is with silk flower arrangements.

Dried Ideas Flower Arrangements

Selecting appropriate dried flower florists is also an important part of the proposed arrangement. It is advisable to choose flowers that dry amaranth properly such as marigold, roses, larkspur and the world. For fillings, the ideal choices are yarrow, baby's breath, lavender, straw and poppy seed heads. The eucalyptus leaf component can be dried or fern dried. Select dried flowers and components according to your personal choice, considering about the color scheme and the theme. Below are ways to easily fix dry flower arrangements.

Idea compositions of dried flowers dried flower arrangements Basic table performance

The most popular model is the normal way bouquet. For this basic model, you will require dried flowers, fillings, leaves, containers, grain and decorative stones.

First, add a piece of floral foam to the bottom of the vase.

By design, it is possible to cut off the stems of the charges, the leaves and the main flowers.

Add the leaves (higher component) and fillers (higher second component), so that they are evenly distributed.

In the front, you can add the main flowers such as roses and gardenias.

Keep dried flowers and add accounts to properly maintain and decorative stones.

If necessary, rearrange the dried flowers, but make sure that all components are visible from all sides.

Put this arrangement in the center of the table.

Idea compositions of dried flowers dried flower arrangements Supply of flowering tree

Compositions of dried flowers in the form of a flowering tree is another speculative idea. Supplies needed to make this arrangement are a small piece of floral foam, a vase, dried hazelnut tree branches, dry delphinium (about 8 stems), some chalk moss and quick adjustment.

Add a piece of potted floral foam, you can use a small amount of glue at the base.

Sort dried flower branches according to the length and insert them one by one.

After completing the organization of the flower, add a certain amount of quick-setting plaster to the vase.

Wait for the plaster to dry and spread moss over the cured plaster.

You can use glue to attach the flower twigs to the sides of the main branches.

Keep beating until the flower arrangement resembles that of a flowering tree.

While making arrangements, find an area that does not receive direct sunlight. Also make sure that the flowers are not placed in the forced air heat direction. If not, you may see the fading of excessive colors and short drying flowers. And when it comes to maintenance, regular dusting of dried flowers with a down jacket is enough to keep her interesting dried flower arrangements for a long time.

How to dry the flowers

Late spring is the ideal time to harvest a good amount of floral species and to preserve their beauty for the rest of the year. In this season not only do you have a great variety of flowers available but as the climate is drier it will be easier to dry them.

Better to pick them up during the hottest hours of the day when they give off the most intense perfumes and show off their maximum beauty.

There are different techniques used for drying and the most used is undoubtedly the one done in the open air. It offers the best guarantees of success especially for roses. It is sufficient to hang the flowers upside down in a well-ventilated, dry place away from direct light sources. The drying times depend on many factors such as the humidity of the air and the fleshiness of the petals of the flower to be dried. In general, all flower species dry up in a couple of weeks.

Flat drying, on the other hand, involves spreading slightly watery cut flowers such as lavender on a transpiring cardboard surface. In this specific case it is good to turn the flowers upside down from time to time to prevent them from drying out only on one side, creating stagnation of humors on the other.

Then there is drying which must be carried out in a vertical position used above all with heather and mimosa. The stems of the cut flowers should be placed in a vase containing water. They will absorb it very gradually and will begin to dry out little by little without curling up on themselves, keeping the original appearance almost unchanged.

Finally, they can be dried more quickly and in such a way as to keep their color unchanged using products of natural or synthetic origin. Simply pour a layer of sand, laundry detergent or glycerin on the bottom of a tin box. After having leveled it with your hands, you can gently lay it on top of the flower or flowers you want to dehydrate and then cover them completely with the desiccant material and close the container.

If you intend to use dried flowers to decorate frames, glasses or to create compositions on paper, it is necessary to dry them by pressing which consists in covering them with absorbent paper and placing them in special presses or alternatively under heavy volumes.

Wooden beads

When you cross the threshold of a house, you know, you can find all kinds of materials: it is a matter of taste, of ties, but also of specific needs, often linked to the location of the house.

Do it yourself masonry

There are ways and ways of conceiving life at home. There are ways and ways of conceiving the house as a place to spend most of the time, or in any case the most comfortable, most relaxed, most there.

DIY wedding favors

A day different from the others, for the vast majority of the people who live it. For all the others it is simply "the day": the most beautiful and most important of all life, what of it.

Laminated wood

Each has its own peculiarities and characteristics: it applies to people, animals, cars, and also applies to materials, elements that characterize our existence in a way.

The basic technique for dried flowers, perfect for getting started

Making pictures with dried flowers

There are many ways to preserve plant material, both from cultivated plants and elements present in one's natural environment.

There are some particularly complicated ones, but able to guarantee truly incomparable results. The simplest method, which allows the possibility of creating interesting floral compositions able to maintain the original color of the flowers naturally, is certainly the pressing. In addition to being the simplest method, it is also the one able to offer the greatest guarantees of success: your work in any case will not be wasted.

To apply this method we essentially need a press. This can also be done by ourselves quite simply. We will need two wooden rectangles that are not too thin: they will be the work surface and will be joined with screws and butterfly valves, in order to exert such pressure to allow the plant material to dry without losing either shape or color.

The advantages of using this technique are basically two: The flower unfolds completely on one plane, secondly, the water contained inside is therefore completely eliminated quickly and without contact with light sources that would cause discoloration and the attack of annoying fungi.

Additional categories corresponding to the selection

Wood and bark decoration

Natural bleached products

Soil and granular fertilizer

All the steps to create DIY dried flowers

To have a quick do-it-yourself drying, it is best to do this work in spring, when the days start to get warmer. The drying days vary from ten days to two months. The right time to gather the flowers to be dried is normally when the weather is dry and sunny. I want to remind you that the humidity found in the flowers and leaves can damage the whole process and the effect given by the pressing, and therefore prevent the flowers from retaining their bright colors. Please do not collect many flowers, they may not be used, because too many, so the rest should be thrown in the bag. The simplest thing is the drying of the flowers and leaves. This will be done between the sheets of a book that we logically no longer use. We must begin to place the flowers chosen between the pages, not forgetting also the absorbent paper napkins, to absorb moisture. We close the book also helping us with weights to increase the grip. Once the drying time is over, the fresh flowers become dry and will be ready for our composition. This drying procedure is suitable for making pictures for our home, choosing a color of the card for the background that is in harmony with that of the dried flowers available.

One piece of advice I can give you is to avoid choosing fleshy flowers, they are full of sap and therefore are much more likely to mold, since they contain an excessive amount of water and therefore a high humidity. Consequently we exclude groped to dry orchids and aquatic plants. Sunflowers, roses, anemones, Christmas wreaths etc. are the most suitable.

Now you just have to give free rein to your imagination, which you certainly do not lack, if you are reading this article. For this hobby we do not have to ask anyone for help, there is nothing that weighs, it is not difficult, it is not impossible. The flowers are light and so are all the accessories. If you want, you can create a beautiful painting for Valentine's Day and give it to your boyfriend, it will be a unique and original gift.

When the cold winter gives way to the beautiful spring, you can feel a harmony of scents of fresh flowers in the air that makes you feel almost dazed. Do we want to try to preserve this rainbow of perfumes even in winter? Ok, let's try it together. The preparation is really very elementary if we want to make scented cotton bags. Roses, daisies, lilies of the valley, etc. lots of dried flowers can be stored in the cold months in these bags. We need light colored fabric and colored ribbons. We place the flower petals, previously dried by us, close them with the ribbon and our perfumed bag is ready to be slipped into our dresser, and every time we open the various drawers there will be an aroma of flowers. If we have a large glass ashtray, we can easily place all the red and yellow rose petals inside the container, and in addition to the beautiful scent, we will also get a play of colors that is pleasing to the eye.

There are many ideas for creating with dried flowers. Even, for example, on an unforgettable day, like your wedding, you could be the creator of your bouquet of flowers, or you can create simple garlands with a Christmas theme, to be hung outside the door of the house. Small place cards with colored cardboard to apply a small rose are of great effect and elegance. As you can see, just think about it a little, and you can create really nice things and in my opinion, even romantic ones. And if we think carefully, that fresh flowers are beautiful, they are fresh, fragrant, but how many days does this last? Three days, seven days, then in the end we have to throw them away. Instead, we, with our dried flowers, do not throw anything away for a long time, if you then follow my previously written advice, the dried flowers can last you even a year. I recommend now it's up to you, let your imagination work and surely you will be able to create something magical. After the first composition of dried flowers you will never stop and the last creation will always be the most beautiful.

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