Sempervivum 'Fashion Diva'

Scientific Name

Sempervivum' Fashion Diva'

Scientific Classification

Family: Crassulaceae
Subfamily: Sedoideae
Tribe: Sedeae
Subtribe: Sedinae
Genus: Sempervivum


Sempervivum' Fashion Diva', also sold as Chick Charms® Strawberry Kiwi™, is a small succulent that forms bright red rosettes, up to 4 inches (10 cm) in diameter, with tawny green to yellow accents in some seasons. It can show captivating "watermarks" or wavy lines of natural wax that help the plant tolerate direct sun. In the winter, its colors deepen to a dusty mauve.


USDA hardiness zones 4a to 9b: from −30 °F (−34.4 °C) to 30 °F (−1.1 °C).

How to Grow and Care

Sempervivums are not difficult to grow, provided they are not waterlogged and killed from excess watering. They can be easily grown outdoors and in containers, and they earned the name "Houseleeks" from their tendency to root on the roofs of houses. After the mother plant flowers, it will naturally die, but by this time, the plant has likely produced many offsets that will continue to grow. These are excellent for cold windows. Sempervivum earned their popular name "Hen and Chicks" from their growth habit. The mother plant, or hen, sends off numerous offsets, which will cluster around her base like chicks. These offsets can be easily repotted, or the plants can be left to form a clumping mat.

Repot as needed, preferably during the warm season. To repot a succulent, make sure the soil is dry before repotting, then gently remove the pot. Knock away the old soil from the roots, making sure to remove any rotted or dead roots in the process. Treat any cuts with a fungicide. Place the plant in its new pot and backfill with potting soil, spreading the roots out as you repot. Leave the plant dry for a week or so, then begin to water lightly to reduce the risk of root rot.

Learn more at How to Grow and Care for Sempervivum.


Sempervivum' Fashion Diva' is a hybridized seedling of Sempervivum' Killer'.


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T here was nothing subtle or understated about the first night of Mariah Carey’s three-night residency at the Royal Albert Hall. From the wedding disco DJ who warmed up the crowd before her arrival, to the inexplicable cod fist fight with a drag queen who was dressed, possibly, as young Mariah, it was a surreal but wildly enjoyable showcase of a brighter, more fun side of the pop icon.

Rising to fame in the early Nineties, Carey is known for her record-setting sales figures and her voice, which trips easily from the lower registers up to a whistle-tone so high that it’s hard to believe a human can hear it, let alone a voice sing it. She doesn’t take long to reach the higher registers - about 30 seconds after the curtain falls, in fact, to reveal her glittering amid her live band as if she has something to prove about her ageing voice.

It’s fair to say that Carey’s vocal performance is vastly more dynamic than her physical one, which doesn’t amount to much more than a few fairly unsteady trips up and down the stepped stage set up, and some regal, straight-armed waves to the mega-fans in the front rows. What she lacks in physical gymnastics she makes up for with cosy asides and a liberal sprinkling of dahhhlings, in some cases signing fans’ t-shirts mid-song, never missing a beat.

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There were some surprises in store bringing her kids out was less thrilling than treating us to an unexpected performance of Endless Love, which she first performed on the same stage with “the late, great” Luther Vandross. One of her backing singers stands in for the soul legend and it’s a warm and moving moment, peppered with audience members doing their best to match her emotional largesse. Having once had a reputation for taking herself too seriously, Carey seems happy to be leaning in to her lighter side she makes knowing nods to memes and seems genuinely thrilled with the fan-run Justice For Glitter social media campaign to give her 2001 film and its accompanying soundtrack its dues. Indeed, a whole portion of the show is given over to Glitter, complete with turquoise feather boas and dancers waving giant “Justice for Glitter” flags. Hardly subtle but certainly fun to watch.

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Jennifer and Jim Guercio's yard at 755 W. Delavan Ave. is one of the best on the Garden Walk Buffalo tour. This is their back-yard pond and grape pergola.

George Weigel | Special to PennLive

Clever garden ideas from America's biggest garden tour

Quiz question: What city hosts America’s biggest garden tour?

Would you believe Buffalo, N.Y.?

Better known for its snow than its snowball bushes, New York’s second-biggest city each July runs a two-day garden tour that has grown to nearly 400 gardens.

All are open for visitors to ogle at no charge. Even the maps and shuttle buses are free, and the whole thing is run by volunteers.

It’s a superb place to score ideas for your own home gardens.

George Weigel | Special to PennLive

Buffalo, the garden city

An estimated 65,000 people do Garden Walk Buffalo each year, now that it's grown into America's biggest garden tour. It was started by neighborhood residents as a 29-garden affair in 1995.

Some 10,000 to 15,000 “walkers” are from out of town, which the region’s tourism office figures is a $4.5 million per year boost to the Buffalo economy when you consider hotel stays, meals, souvenirs, retail sales, and such.

Sponsors and contributors cover Walk expenses, and what’s left is given out in community beautification grants.

If you'd like to share your garden and are in the Garden Walk boundary, you can be part of Garden Walk Buffalo. Here's a colorful house and front garden at 28 Ketchum Place. Open gardens have yellow signs in front.

George Weigel | Special to PennLive

The Walk is purposely non-competitive. There are no awards, there is no critique process to qualify, and any size or style of garden is fine. You just have to live within the Walk boundaries and agree not to sell anything.

Positively Glowing Sempervivum

Positively Glowing Sempervivum

Customers Also Viewed

10 Sempervivum Collection

Our collection of 10 colorful hens and chicks will look fantastic in your garden. Let us choose some of our favorite sempervivum varieties a great assortment of colors and types that will look great.

No ID Sempervivum

These are plants without a name. They are still beautiful, cold hardy sempervivum, just without names. Each one ordered will include several rosettes (the same as ordering named varieties). Orders.


Even though 'Positively Glowing' is a sibling to 'Fashion Diva', this plant is TOTALLY different. The leaves are fairly wide and the rosette is of medium size. The spring color is EXTREME though it really does glow in a most unusual shade of red shot through with purple. One garden visitor described it as "electric". Later the rosettes darken to a deep red before turning olive green in the fall. The name was inspired by a BBC reporter's description of Duchess Kate's condition, saying "the duchess is positively glowing". Thank you BBC for such an appropriate name for this novel plant.
Kevin C. Vaughn (US), 2015

Foliage Color:

Spring - Red Summer - Green with Red Edges

Mature Size:
Shipping Size:

You'll receive a 1.5"-2" rosette as well as multiple offsets.
All plants are shipped bare root with an established, healthy root system.

Growth Rate:
Cold Hardiness Zones:

4-9 View Map
Cold Hardy to -20° to -30°F

Sempervivum Overview:

Sempervivum, or Hens & Chicks grow in a fantastic clump/mat of colorful rosettes. Plants thrive in porous soil with full to part sun. Soil and light conditions can change the look of the varieties drastically. Once established, sempervivum are drought tolerant. As an added benefit, succulents are deer resistant. These plants can survive when grown indoors, but they look their best when grown outside.

1 Review


Posted by Ava M on Feb 27th 2018

The plant is nice in size and already showing its color. Can't wait til it begins to show off completely.

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To get your return/replacement processed as quickly as possible please send us an email that includes your order number and the name of the item or items in question.

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