Photo of koleria pleasant, bogot, foxglove, fluffy and others

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Lighting must be bright, but diffused, without direct sunlight. The temperature should be about 24 degrees in spring and summer, from autumn the temperature can gradually be reduced to 16-18 degrees. Water the color scheme after the top layer of the substrate dries up, the soil is not allowed to dry out, but it is not overmoistened either. The air humidity should be high, but at the same time it is impossible to spray paint.

In autumn and winter, koleriya does without fertilizers, and in spring and summer, it is fed weekly with mineral fertilizers. In winter, Coleria retires. Transplant only when the roots fill the pot. Koleriya is propagated in spring by cuttings, dividing or seeds.

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Photos of popular species

Coleria is bogotous and hairy, majestic and spikelet, Linden and uneven. Coleria is pleasant and fluffy, tube-flowered, foxglove and woolen.

In the photo: Kohleria amabilis / Pleasant coleria

In the photo: Kohleria amabilis / Pleasant coleria

Photo: Kohleria bogotensis

In the photo: Kohleria digitaliflora / foxglove coleria

In the photo: Kohleria eriantha / fluffy coleria

In the photo: Kohleria hirsuta / hairy coleria

In the photo: Kohleria hirsuta / hairy coleria

In the photo: Kohleria spicata / spikelet

In the photo: Kohleria tubiflora / tube-flowered coleria


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