Using Magnetic Planters: How To Plant An Herb Garden On Magnets

By: Teo Spengler

Herbs are great plants to grow in your kitchen, since fresh, just-clipped herbs are the best seasoning for salads, dressings and cooking in general. Many herbs prefer an outdoor site, but others are happy and healthy enough growing inside. If you don’t have an excess of counter space for potted herbs, you might consider a magnetic herb garden. For information on magnetic planters, read on.

Magnetic Herb Garden

As winter arrives, many gardeners are not ready to give up the fresh herb garden and, instead, start moving those herbs indoors. An indoor herb garden is pretty easy to create since many herbs overwinter best indoors.

With an indoor herb garden, you can enjoy the bright flavors and health benefits of fresh herbs even as winter rules outdoors. If kitchen space in an issue, you can start an herb garden on magnets and build a refrigerator garden.

The key to building an herb garden on magnets is to get or make magnetic planters and place them on the refrigerator. A refrigerator garden of herbs is a terrific space-saving idea for keeping your favorite herbs right near the cooking area.

Several companies make and sell magnetic planters for refrigerators. These are plant pots attached to magnets big enough to hold them onto the refrigerator or some other metal appliance. You’ll need to find a spot with some sun, since all herbs need some sun to grow.

But it is equally possible for you to make DIY planters and cluster them together in a little vertical garden. It’s easy and fun.

How to Make a Refrigerator Garden

One way you can design your own refrigerator garden is with metal coffee or tea containers. Some of these sold in yesteryear are still available in antique stores and make lovely herb planters.

Line each tin container with a plastic bag. Apply glue to the inside walls and floor of the tin and press the sides and bottom of the plastic bag into it. Add packing peanuts or foam balls for drainage.

Select small container herbs to transplant into your magnetic planters. First, put in a little potting soil, then add the root ball of the herb plant. Finish up with enough soil to tuck the plant nicely into the tin. If you aren’t totally up on your herbs, you can add little labels to keep you on track.

Now buy some strong magnets at a hardware store. Use one magnet for each plant, attaching it first to the tin to make a magnetic planter, then moving it to a great site on the refrigerator. And that’s it! All that’s left is to water your herbs occasionally and let them grow.

Note: If you’re not into herb growing but still like the idea of having a magnetic garden, you can also try your hand at growing succulent plants in hollowed out corks or other quirky containers. Just glue on your magnet and pot the plants. These also have the added benefit of not requiring as much water for up keep.

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DIY Garden Ideas: 36 Garden Projects


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Prepare to bloom into a wonderful garden DIY-er with these awesome garden projects. In this collection of DIY Garden Ideas: 36 Garden Projects, you will find hand-picked tutorials to help you bring your garden to life and maintain it like a pro. From gardening tips and tricks to DIY planters and DIY garden markers, you will find tutorials for every step of the gardening process.

No matter what size your garden is, from large backyard gardens to small herb planters for apartments, the advice and ideas from these tutorials will help you create and maintain your personal garden. If you have ever wondered how to make a raised garden bed, or how you can water plants while when on vacation, this is the collection for you. From how to arrange flowers to DIY storage ideas for my garden tools, there is a project for everyone in this group of DIY garden ideas.

Table of Contents

18 Easy Hanging Gardens Ideas For Outdoors

The gardening season is opened and I bet that everyone is striving to plant and grow something fresh somewhere outdoors. If you want to plant something but don’t have enough space for that, there are some creative space-saving gardening solutions like vertical planters or hanging gardens. Today I’d like to share some hanging ideas for those of you who lack space.

Creating hanging gardens both indoors and outdoors is pretty simple. Choose a pot that you will use: it may be a usual pot, a piece of gutter, a PVC pipe, an old kitchen colander, a piece of a bottle, a bucket or anything else. Here everything depends on the style of garden you want, on the things you have at hand and the plants you’ll grow. Then decide how you want to secure it all: on poles, on chains or ropes, or just hang somewhere using hooks. Now mark the planters somehow if these are veggies or herbs, to differentiate them when needed. You may do that with chalkboard marks, or just spray paint the pots with different colors.

a blacony herb garden on vertical poles is a very comfortable solution

a hanging canvas shoe organizer repurposed into a vertical herb garden

a hanging garden on chains of salvaged materials

collect aluminum cans, add an interesting color graphic, and hang along an exterior wall or porch beam

colorful buckets hanging on a ladder

elevated hanging garden of wooden beams and buckets

galvanized buckets and cans hung on a porch for a simple herb garden

hang an over-the-door shoe holder on a fence and tuck herbs into the compartments for a fun twist on the vertical planter

Now go and hang the whole construction where you want: in your patio, balcony, garden or even on the porch and enjoy your plants. So easily!

hanging garden on the wall using galvanizd planters from West Elm

hanging gutter garden for your outdoor space is a simple DIY idea

hanging succulent garden created with a bird cage

herb garden on wooden planks can be adapted to your window size and needs

outdoor garden on metal wire is a win-win idea

put old kitchen colanders to good use and transform them into pretty hanging baskets for plants

PVC pipe succulents garden is suitable both for indoors and outdoors

unique alternative to hanging baskes is such a rustic installation

upside-downcycle herb planter made of plastic bottles with marks

I love herbs, and growing them indoors is easy. Herbs add a texture, feel and scent to a room or a garden that is unlike any other plant. And, there is nothing like cooking with fresh herbs! But if you are like me, you like to do most things just a little bit different, so we found these DIY indoor herb garden ideas and projects that are just a cut above the usual terra cotta pots. (Not that there is anything wrong with that!) And in case you need a little guidance as well, some advice for which herbs grow well and how to maintain your herb garden indoors.

Indoor Herb Garden Basics

  • Herbs generally require full sun, so you need to choose the placement of your herb garden well. A south facing window is ideal. As much bright light as possible is a key to success growing herbs inside, away from their natural environment.
  • Choose the right kind of herbs. Some herbs, such as basil, can be really tough to grow indoors because they really do need 6-8 hours of full sun each day, which is impossible to achieve in a window. Our favorite herbs to grow indoors include parsley, lemon balm, mint, chives and some varieties of thyme and oregano. The broader the leaf the better they do indoors. Lemon Thyme, or Doone Valley Thyme are favorites. In general, if an herb does well in partial shade outdoors, it will do well in a sunny indoor exposure.
  • Herbs need good drainage. Make sure you provide well draining soil and pots, and consider using gravel in the bottom for extra drainage. Adding a little grit or sand to the potting mix is great too. If you are using a container that tends to hold moisture, such as glass, use some activated charcoal in the bottom as well. (Sold in the houseplant section.)
  • Don’t overwater. Wait until the top inch of the soil is dry before watering most indoor plants. Overwatering is the number one killer.
  • Fertilize weekly with a weak liquid fertilizer for good growth, and remember to cut your herbs and use them! Cutting them back encourages new growth.
  • Now that you have the basics for growing herbs indoors down, lets get back to some amazing projects we found to create one of a kind herb gardens.

Indoor Herb Garden Projects

Try this complete tutorial for a potted hanging herb garden from ‘Fresh Mommy Blog‘. This is a step by step tutorial with lots of photos so you can get it right. Wouldn’t this look cool in front of a window?

Make this indoor herb garden planter from ‘Grillo Designs‘ in 10 minutes from a baking pan!

Make an up cycled DIY indoor herb garden with lotion bottles from ‘Lovely Indeed‘. What a great way to recycle!

This indoor herb garden idea is simply a wooden box planted tightly with herbs, then hung on the wall. Be sure to use a waterproof plant liner inside the box. From ‘Houzz‘.

Maryann from ‘Domestically Speaking‘ made these mason jar DIY indoor herb gardens with a simple coat hook and some wire. (Oh yea, and some gorgeous green and blue mason jars!)

Use any wall storage system to create a planter for an herb garden indoors. This one is from ‘Ikea‘. They have a bunch of different styles of containers to choose from, too!

Another example of using a wall storage system as an indoor herb garden planter, from ‘Favething‘.

Create a DIY herb planter lamp from a strawberry pot with these instructions from’ BHG.’

This idea is an easy one…we suggest inserting small pots and liners into the drawers first if the piece you are using has any value…

This indoor herb garden idea is simply old tuna cans (painted if desired), with stained wood clothespins clipped onto the edges of the can. You can get these old style clothespins at the dollar store. See how they did this lovely project over at ‘7th House on the Left‘.

This next DIY indoor herb garden idea is by ‘Intimate Weddings‘. They have a step by step on creating this teacup herb garden.

Another teacup herb garden by ‘BHG‘, that has a more contemporary feel, but still homey…

‘Apartment Therapy‘ brings us this great inspiration tea tin indoor herb garden!

This DIY herb garden idea from ‘Unsophisticook‘ is made from a utensil caddy from Walmart! We love this idea because it’s portable, which means you can take the herbs indoors to cook, then take them outdoors to get a little afternoon sun when they need it!

We hope you enjoyed all these DIY Indoor Herb Garden Ideas. Looking for more? You might want to check out our post on DIY Teacup Gardens & Planters!

This post may contain affiliate links. Please read our disclosure for more info.


  • Prime and paint the walls
  • Install the cement board and the black & white hexagon tile floor
  • DIY magnetic chalkboard command center
  • Add glass to a solid wood door we found at the Habitat for Humanity (I’ll follow up with a tutorial after the reveal)
  • Build the pantry shelving and a supply cabinet
  • Paint the cabinetry and doors
  • Concrete countertops
  • Add steel and glass shelving in front of the window similar to our custom Etsy steel shelving for an herb garden
  • Install lighting
  • Tutorial on DIY map magnets and letter magnets
  • Baseboard and crown moldin g
  • Install the cabinet handles
  • Organizing the pantry!


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