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Studies in health care settings show a link between nature and healing. Nature contact may serve to supplement or augment medical treatment and therapy. Both passive exposure to landscapes and more active interactions with nature provide mental and physiological benefits that contribute to healing and therapy. Krueger, and K.

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  • Horticultural therapy
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Horticultural Sciences

Researchers at Kansas State University already have shown that gardening can offer enough moderate physical activity to keep older adults in shape.

In research to be published in February in the journal HortScience, the researchers discovered that among the other health benefits of gardening is keeping older hands strong and nimble.

Shoemaker is part of a small team of K-State researchers studying the ways in which gardening affects the health of older adults. She works with Mark Haub, associate professor of human nutrition, and Sin-Ae Park, a research associate in horticulture who earned her doctorate in horticulture from K-State in DecemberThe research appearing in HortScience in February comes from a study that assessed 15 areas of health in older adults, from both those who garden and those who don't.

The researchers looked at measurements like bone mineral density, sleep quality, physical fitness, hand strength and psychological well-being.

Although Shoemaker said that differences between gardeners and non-gardeners showed up in a few health assessments like hand strength, overall physical health and self esteem, results from some of the other areas were more ambiguous.

The results about the positive impact of gardening on hand strength prompted Park and the researchers to explore this area further. They are now analyzing data from an eight-week horticulture therapy program that targeted hand strength in stroke patients.

Park, Shoemaker and Haub recently garnered national news coverage for a study published in the journal HortTechnology. The study probed the physical impact of gardeners working in their own gardens. The researchers showed that older adults can use gardening to achieve a moderate activity level and meet the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's exercise recommendations.

The trio of researchers also published a study in the journal Perceptual and Motor Skills of the physical impact of individual gardening tasks. They found that a task like raking, which uses the whole body, had the most exercise benefit, whereas activities like mixing soil or transplanting seedlings give the most benefit to the upper body.

Shoemaker, who also researches gardening as a prevention strategy to childhood obesity, said that studying the physical benefits of gardening is important for older adults because gardening is a physically active hobby that provides an alternative to sports or other exercise.

If we get the message out there that older adults can get health benefits from gardening, they'll realize that they don't have to walk around the mall to get exercise.

Materials provided by Kansas State University. Note: Content may be edited for style and length. Science News. ScienceDaily, 17 FebruaryKansas State University. Retrieved December 21, from www. However, not all studies of exercise and older adults have proven the benefits of exercise. A team of In what is believed to be the first study of its kind, older adults who scored high on Print Email Share.

Boy or Girl? Spicy Breast Milk? Living Well. View all the latest top news in the environmental sciences, or browse the topics below:. Keyword: Search.

Educational Links

Lower School Art, Fibers. Music, Strings. Langdon was born and raised in Southern Indiana where she started violin lessons when she was four. Violin and music provided a focal point and source of joy for Martina through major life changes and the customary turbulence of growing up.

development of the first undergraduate horticultural therapy program at. Kansas State University in (Simpson & Straus, ).


Published on 2. Authors of this article:. Background: Institutionalized older adults have limited ability to engage in horticultural activities that can improve their physical and mental health. Methods: The study used a quasi-experimental design. The experimental participants received a 9-week intervention. Both groups completed 3 assessments: at baseline, after the intervention, and 2 months later. The outcome variables included health status, meaning in life, perceived mattering, loneliness, and depression. These results could support the future successful implementation of similar programs for institutionalized older adults on a larger scale. Caring for an aging global population is a critical issue facing countries throughout the world.

Horticulture emphasis: Urban Food Systems

Delve into the science of propagating and growing healthy food and essential plants and the art of designing and managing:. Unlike agriculture — which deals with large-scale production — we focus on high-value crops where every plant matters. You will learn best management practices, including integrated pest management, for conserving and protecting valuable natural resources. Prepare for a science-based entry-level position in the rapidly advancing and diverse horticulture industry with our Horticulture Sciences certificate. Pursue the Honors Program path to explore in greater depth any areas in which you are interested.

Horticultural Therapy HT is an adjunctive therapy that uses gardening and nature-related activities to facilitate health and well-being.

Horticulture jobs in Kansas

When walking around campus, students may be aware of the beauty of blooming floral beds and neatly trimmed shrubbery, but what they might not be aware of is that plant life has an effect on their own physical health and the health of others. That message is not lost on the horticultural therapy program students and faculty at K-State who study the effect. The program started in when the Menninger clinic in Topeka asked the university to create a program that would help patients with mental disabilities, said Richard Mattson, profesor in horticulture. The Topeka Menninger clinic, founded in , is a world-renowned mental hospital, and at the time offered internships for K-State students. Since , the Menninger clinic has moved from Topeka. It is now stationed in Houston, Texas.

Current State of the Horticultural Therapy Profession in the United States

While horticultural therapy HT has a long history in the United States, the profession has not had the acceptance and growth that related fields, such as art, music, recreational, occupational, and physical therapies have experienced. The objective of this study was to identify the current challenges and opportunities of HT in the United States. A total of 27 participants were interviewed between Nov. This paper will discuss the challenges and opportunities presented in the six themes and provide recommendations for the future growth of the HT profession. Horticultural therapy HT is an allied health profession that uses people—plant connections to enhance health care outcomes and improve well-being Ascencio, ; Haller et al.

How is Mid American Ag and Hort Services (Agricultural and Horticultural; State of Kansas, Division of Employement Security Department of .

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Every year Denver Botanic Garden's Horticulture Department welcomes a handful of exceptional horticulture students from across the country to study with us in a project-based, week internship. Chloe Reeves - University of Tennessee, Knoxville Plant Records Curation and Mapping A plant science major, Chloe is led by her passion for the outdoors and will be starting the UT landscape architecture program in the fall. During the school year, she works as an intern for the UT Gardens. She loves to travel and has studied food production methods in Honduras.

Horticultural therapy

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The idea is spreading like crab grass, such that.

Tina Marie Waliczek Cade is currently a Professor of Horticulture in the Department of Agriculture at Texas State University where she teaches 12 different courses in horticulture and advises multiple graduate students on research projects. She has been studying the benefits of these interactions for over 20 years and has looked at variables such as crime and community gardens, self-esteem in children, overall quality of life of gardeners and workplace job satisfaction in interiorscaped offices. She is also a registered horticultural therapist and a certified arborist. She is the faculty manager of the award-winning Bobcat Blend university composting program which processes all of the cafeteria food waste on campus. She also manages the on-campus floral shop and floral event sales program, Bobcat Bloom. Horticulture, Kansas State University, B. Horticultural Therapy, Kansas State University,

There have been several explanations on the restorative benefits of nature by scientists. Three widely accepted theories are:. The biophilia hypothesis states that people have an innate emotional affiliation to nature and other living beings and hence, derive benefits from contact with nature. A person has several states of attention including directed attention and effortless attention.

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