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Mulching helps control weeds, conserves moisture, maintains an even soil temperature and prevents soil erosion through wind and rain. Plant based mulches such as straw, bark or leaf waste, also enrich your soil. What you should do before and after mulching depends on soil temperature, moisture levels and time of year. The best time to lay mulch is when the soil is nice and moist, because mulch helps seal in the moisture and it's hard for rain to penetrate if the soil under the mulch is dry. When sowing seeds, it's a good idea to wait until late spring before mulching, to give the soil time to warm up, as many seeds need warmth to germinate. The best time of year to mulch is early summer, when the soil is warm and wet.

  • DayDayFun Landscape Pad Pet A Way in The Jungle of Malaysia Rain
  • How to save money with a rain garden
  • Efficient Use of Water in the Garden and Landscape
  • Landscape Lighting
  • Caring for every part of your lawn and landscape
  • How Too Much Rain Affects Your Garden
  • Preventing Illegal Discharges from Landscaping Businesses
  • Harvest Rain
  • Identification of and Corrective Action for Poorly Drained Soils in the Landscape
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DayDayFun Landscape Pad Pet A Way in The Jungle of Malaysia Rain

Do note that Mbandaka is a strategic entry point. It is home to the governor and the provincial assembly—our governmental partners—and, like with any healthy relationship, stopping by to say hello is always worth the time. Once formalities are accomplished and you manage to get up in the air, fret not over the turbulence caused by the weather, which in turn can affect flight time by adding as much as a full hour to what is typically a two-hour flight.

Safe and sound! However be aware that one-third of your trip will be a km motorcycle ride the entire trip from Kisangani to Djolu is km. One-third of the time, the trails are barely the width of the tires along dirt trails barely the width of your tires through sparsely populated villages, virgin forests and a provincial border. During the 2- to 3-day-journey, the tall grass sprouting from the surrounding undergrowth brushes against the arms of your jacket and helmet as you ride by like a kind of welcome—a hi-five of sorts—because you are here to take up their defense as an environmentalist and advocate against forest degradation and deforestation.

After the fortieth village you begin to lose count. In DRC, those challenges begin with the logistics involved in reaching a remote and irreplaceable part of the tropical rainforest. If you enjoyed Yao's tales of his travels in DRC, read more of his stories. Sign up for our newsletter. Stay Connected. About the Author. Tags: DRC. Congo Shipping Project. Iyondji Community Bonobo Reserve. December 20,December 16,Donation Recurrence - None - one-time monthly.

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How to save money with a rain garden

Wayne K. Preparation for planting is the key to success in establishing landscape plants. Site analysis and proper planting assure rapid plant establishment and healthy growth, provided environmental factors are favorable Investigate surface and internal water drainage in the landscape. Check for areas where water collects, drains slowly or stands for long periods.

Coming to you from Steve O'Nions, this awesome video shows the photos you can get bad weather rolls in. A lot of us would prefer partly cloudy.

Efficient Use of Water in the Garden and Landscape

Our native landscape design process starts with an hour long consultation. This results in the development of a base plan that the client can relate to. We begin with a visit to your site. During this initial meeting we will ask you to share your ideas, desires, needs, and overall vision for your new garden spaces. We will address all landscape design questions you may have. During the consultation we will also discuss funds that are available through various programs such as Virginia Conservation Assistance Program for Fairfax County, RainSmart Program in the City of Falls Church, and StormwaterWise Landscapes Grant Program in Arlington County for installation of conservation landscaping, rain gardens and other best management practices designed to reduce runoff. This consultation is to develop a general understanding of your goals and objectives, discuss key issues and concerns that will help us in the development of a base plan to create a native plant garden.

Landscape Lighting

Preventing Illegal Discharges from Landscaping Businesses. Augustine and Bahia at inches, Bermuda and Centipede at 1. Blow back onto the lawn or into a bed as free mulch and fertilizer. Fertilize Wisely: Minimize use of fertilizers.

Desert s are areas that receive very little precipitation. And most deserts, far from being empty and lifeless, are home to a variety of plants, animals, and other organism s.

Caring for every part of your lawn and landscape

As the hottest, driest and lowest national park, Death Valley is a land of extremes. Established on October 24, , Death Valley National Park is a beautiful but challenging landscape where unique wildlife have developed ingenious adaptations to the arid, harsh environment. Death Valley is the lowest point in North America. At feet below sea level, Badwater Basin is a surreal landscape that tricks the senses. What many visitors mistake for snow covering the ground is actually a thick layer of salt on the valley floor.

How Too Much Rain Affects Your Garden

Summer Rain Sprinkler Systems has been recognized as one of the top irrigation companies in America, but we are much more than sprinklers. Summer Rain brings you all things water, including end-to-end well services, water filtration systems and more. Whether installing a new system or servicing an older one, Summer Rain can meet all your sprinkler needs. We ensure our clients have clean water inside and out. You can stop being concerned about manually providing consistent and adequate lawn and bed watering.

Early in the morning and late in the evening are when you'll find the best light for landscape photography. But sometimes you can't wait.

Preventing Illegal Discharges from Landscaping Businesses

Commercial landscape design can do more than decorate the exterior of your property. In a world where saving on operating expenses can determine the longevity of your company, making your landscaping solution work for your budget and the environment is a win-win. Find out how you can do both with expert recommendations from the team at Rocky Mountain Custom Landscapes. Annual flowers and plants add a lot of color and diversity to the landscape, but the best investment is with perennials.

Harvest Rain

Most of us do not particularly enjoy being out in the rain, especially with expensive camera equipment, but enduring the elements can bring about magical moments if you are willing to put in the time and effort. The neat video follows a photographer as bad weather rolls in and shows the interesting images he was able to create. Coming to you from Steve O'Nions , this awesome video shows the photos you can get bad weather rolls in. A lot of us would prefer partly cloudy days with no precipitation for landscape work, but not only will you not always get such days, such idyllic shots are a bit overdone to the point that it can be really hard to distinguish your personal style with them. On the other hand, if you are willing to stick around when a lot of other people would pack up their gear and head home, you are often rewarded with moody, dramatic photos, and because such shots are rarer in general, you will find it much easier to stand out from the crowd a bit, especially if you are providing a new perspective on an otherwise familiar place. Check out the video above to see O'Nions' great images.

Many people begin planning their spring landscapes and gardens during the long winter months. What is a rain garden?

Identification of and Corrective Action for Poorly Drained Soils in the Landscape

There are even more benefits to eco-friendly gardening if you choose to grow vegetables and herbs , as you can use them in delicious, home-cooked meals. Conserve water. Before watering your garden, dig a small hole—maybe two or three inches—in your garden and feel with your finger if the soil is moist. If it is, watering can wait. Also, collect rainwater in a rain barrel or other container to water your plants instead of using water from the faucet. Recycle plastic bottles and containers.

Site Settings

There are a few different methods for planting on a slope or hill, I like to adjust the options based on the slope itself and the plants I want to use. Before you begin planting on a slope it is important to evaluate for erosion problems. If the hill is sodded or already planted the grass and plants are preventing erosion.

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